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About Us

To answer the question of who we are, first we will answer the question "Who do you cater to?". 

The answer to that question is -we cater to all Island Goddesses, everywhere. Who is an Island Goddess you ask? 

An Island Goddess is beauty personified, it's the kind of beauty that you wake up to in the morning and the same one on a Friday night, beat to the Gods with that great outfit on. Whether you're an all natural Queen or a more conservative one you are all Island Goddesses in our eyes,

Island Goddess Body Essentials is  a small company that caters to the skincare issues of our Island Goddesses. All our products are made from scratch from raw and all natural ingredients. This means our products are cruelty free. 

Here at Island Goddess Body Essentials we pride ourselves on making our Goddesses look as great on the outside as they feel on the inside. We know our Goddesses are sensitive so we carry a variety of products to match any Goddess. Try one of our products today.

We don't limit ourselves with just face and body soaps, we carry body scrubs, oils and butters. Natural skincare leaves a more lasting effect than most chemically made items. We know beauty is more than skin however clearer skin makes our inner Goddesses glow even more.

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