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Why did I start my small business?

Before I started this business I was just a regular girl with sensitive skin. Buying all the famous over advertised brands that get into your face at every commercial view. Yes, we know all of those brands. What these companies don't tell you is, when you stop using this product all of your problems come back... even worse than before. What a rip right?

So I spent and spent until I grew tired of spending all my money on products that work on the condition that I break my bank... account.

I never liked that at all, I bet you don't either. Stop spending your money on items that can't do their jobs even when you stop using them. I was so tired of spending all my extra funds on getting my skin clearer so I decided to make a change.

I started doing my research, for weeks I looked into my skin ailment, as far back into the history of the natural remedies to treat my skin discoloration and hyper pigmentation as I could. After much reading and building up the confidence to put my knowledge to the test i started buying up my ingredients. I made sure that the ingredients were natural so I could have no adverse effects when I test them on myself. I wouldn't want to hurt myself after all, I'm precious to me.

I started with soap, regular soap as regular as I could get with soap. A simple shea butter soap. I made it with olive oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. they didn't look cute but it was a trial run after all, practice makes perfect.

After it was cured and I used it for the first time my skin started stripping. Weird right? I wasn't so scared because when your skin strips and you have skin issues like I do then you have to wonder what's up with that right?

Back to doing research again. Seems like my skin lacked nutrients, one of the main reason your skin peels and also because of my eczema.

While the soap felt great when I used it, my skin was still out of valuable nutrients to stay strong and healthy, it is our largest organ so we have to take care of it. I needed to replenish my skin and make it healthy again.

I created my first whipped butter, I'll get into all the benefits in another blog so for now I'll just keep it brief.

After creating both a moisturizer and soap, I started sharing my products with family and friends. They fell in love with it and started requesting more. I couldn't afford to give these products out like that, the ingredients were expensive after all.

When you decide to please others the result can be rewarding. So rewarding you'll want to do it over and over again. Starting a business was one of the most difficult endeavors I could have taken on. The journey is challenging but it's definitely worth it.

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